Technology can sometimes suck, right? You drop your new iPhone, spill coffee on your laptop, or run over your Airpods. We've seen it all, and we've fixed it all. Don't let your technology bring you down. Gravity is Columbia, Missouri's only Apple-Authorized Service Provider. Allow us to help you get your technology back and working the way it was meant to be.

Gravity eventually wins. Sometimes it wins against your iPhone. Cracked iPhone or iPad screen? Keeps rebooting after an upgrade? Is the battery not holding a charge like it used to? We’ve seen it all and know how to help. Our technicians are fully trained in iPhone and iOS repair. We’ll thoroughly diagnose your issues and verify your total costs and repair time. Without fail, Gravity delivers the same professional, high-quality tech repair services that you’d come to expect from an Apple store.

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As Columbia’s only Apple Authorized Service Provider, Gravity is the only place in town staffed by Apple-certified technicians delivering the Apple standard quality repair services.


In order to achieve our status as an Apple Authorized Service Provider, we had to rise up and meet a number of Apple provider requirements, which is why we can guarantee you have access to the best technicians and unparalleled service in Mid-Missouri.

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Mac Repair

Gravity is a force of nature, and so is that cup of coffee you just spilled all over your keyboard. If your Mac computer has seen better days, we can help. As Mid-Missouri’s only Apple Authorized Service Provider, let us assess—and undo—the damage.

Gravity’s expert Mac repair technicians have seen every issue under the sun. We’ll diagnose the issues your Mac is experiencing and give you an accurate total cost and repair time estimate.

These days, a dead computer can leave you, or your business, dead in the water. Don’t let the digital world pass you by! Schedule your service with Gravity today.