Data Recovery

Your data is precious. Your data is sacred. Your data is yours. So why aren't you backing it up? In the "IT world," we like to inform clients to back up their data in multiple ways. Have a local hard drive running Time Machine as well as an online solution such as Backblaze, and even maybe twice a year, clone your entire hard drive to another external drive.

Even with backups, things can happen. Flood, fire, or even just an accident. Toy Story 2 was almost lost due to a simple overwriting accident. Don't believe us? Read this!

Gravity is part of the Virtua Consulting group, which has given Gravity access to many new tools and partners. One of those partners is Drive Savers - our go-to team for data recovery. The Virtua Consulting team has a long-standing history with Drive Savers, and we wouldn't promote them unless we were 100% sure your data is in good hands.

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Once your data is back in your hands, we'll gladly help you get a new hard drive installed in your computer or external device, and get you setup to ensure that this almost never happens again!